TEACHING ENGLISH TO KIDS is a whole program to teach English to very young learners. This journey is designed in 3 paths.


TEACHING ENGLISH TO KIDS Path 1, is an 8-Units Distance Program with effective strategies to engage and motivate your Very Young Learners.  You will get lots of real-life examples, creative ideas and easy-to-follow strategies to teach your children and help them learn without forgetting tomorrow. 

I will show you actual hand-made resources for Circle Time, Daily Routines, How to teach Songs & Rhymes , Storytime, Inside and Outside Games, Using Puppets., Posters and Flashcards, Social- emotional Learning and much more!

I am fully committed to my first goal in my career: help teachers to achieve a happy teaching environment in class, and so… a happy teaching life. 

My mission is to show you that your profession can become your passion.



TARGET: This course has been designed for: EFL/ESL Teachers - Preschool, Kindergarten & Early Primary  Grades  Teachers - School Headmasters/Headmistresses – Headteachers - Coordinators and Directors of Study - Teacher Training Students – Educators.

TEK COURSE:  Teaching English to Kids - PATH 1

UNIT 1: Children as Language Learners.

UNIT 2: Teaching Very Young Learners. 

UNIT 3: Circle Time: time for interaction. 

UNIT 4: The importance of Play & Games.

UNIT 5: Using Visual Resources in Class: working with Posters, Flashcards & Puppets.

UNIT 6: How to use Poems, Rhymes, Finger plays & Chants for fun.

UNIT 7: Music…Songs… and much, more!

UNIT 8: Story Time…a Shared & Relaxed Experience for Little Kids! (Part 1)

TEK COURSE:  Teaching English to Kids - PATH 2

UNIT 1: Story Time…a Shared & Relaxed Experience for Little Kids! (Part 2)

UNIT 2: Personalized Books in Kids’ class

UNIT 3: Working with Learning Centers

UNIT 4 : Implementing a Literacy Program: reading & Writing Strategies

UNIT 5 : Implementing Graphic Organizers to help kids understand information.

UNIT 6 : Using Technology in class.

UNIT 7 : Assessing & Evaluating your students’ Progress

UNIT 8 : School-Home Connection.

TEK COURSE:  Teaching English to Kids - PATH 3

Implementing Social Emotional Learning for Very Young Learners

UNIT 1: The nurturing environment of belonging, caring & respect.

UNIT 2: Rules in the classroom.

UNIT 3: Dealing with our emotions.

UNIT 4: Classroom Management and Discipline Strategies.

UNIT 5: Emotions in Stories.

UNIT 6: More ways to explore emotions with kids.

Cost in Argentina

one installment  AR$ 5.500.-

two installments of AR$ 3.300.- only through Mercado Pago

In other countries U$D 65

e-book1 copia 4-100.jpg

“Teaching English to Very Young Learners”

Use your hands to make the most practical and creative resources to teach English at the Kindergarten and Early Primary Grades at School. A rich e-book full of ideas to teach through songs, games, flashcards, posters, stories & much more. Your English class will never be the same.

TARGET: Very Young Learners

Get e-Book 1

Cost in Argentina AR$ 900

In other countries U$D 10


UNIT 1: Teaching Pre-teens and Teens: How to increase participation and motivation.

UNIT 2:  Classroom Management: Tips & Ideas to make your lesson a success.

UNIT 3: Engage your students in Cooperative Learning!

UNIT 4: Strategies to build comprehension and help students learn more effectively.

UNIT 5: Why play games when there is so much work to do in the classroom?

UNIT 6: Creativity and Motivation in your class…is it even possible?

UNIT 7: Authentic material at all levels, ages and abilities.

UNIT 8: Confidence leads to competence…creative activities to develop both language skills and self-esteem.


Captivating distance course for teachers who want to become a "better teacher" and maximize their skills while fully engaging their preteen and teen learners.



This course has been designed for:

Primary Grades Teachers.

High school Teachers.

School Headmasters/Headmistresses.

Coordinators and Directors of Study.

Teacher Training Students.

Cost in Argentina

one installment  AR$ 5.500.-

Cost in Argentina

two installments of $ 3.300.-

Cost in other countries U$D 65

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