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Our mission is to provide tools of excellence for teachers to become real EDUCATORS through a set of professional development resources following these objectives:

  •  To create high-quality language-learning materials that enable teachers to make a real change.

  •  To transform teachers into educators.

  •  To integrate XXI Century Skills into the teaching-learning process cycle.

  •  To raise awareness, inclusion and respect towards different communities worldwide.

Our vision is one of a whole new world of learning driven by collaboration, inclusion, inspiration, creativity, critical thinking, and challenges. Both students and teachers are now life-long learners, who are aware that social-emotional learning, communication and global skills are the keys to success. We help you take the leap.

Grace Bertolini


Grace Bertolini is an experienced EFL- ESL Teacher Educator specialized in Learning Organizations, Multiple Intelligences, Classroom Management, Cooperative Learning, Learning and the Brain, Social Emotional Learning, Conflict Resolution, Responsive Classrooms and Positive Education at school. Spanish is her Mother Tongue and she speaks English, French, Italian and Portuguese and she has studies in Physical Education. 
She has got a Neuro Learning Degree that has allowed her to incorporate tools for brain-compatible learning in a positive, healthy and inclusive educational environment.

For more than 40 years she has taught all levels and ages at bilingual schools and Private Schools of English and she has been the Head at several bilingual Institutions in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
She is a Bilingual Facilitator for Peace Education Foundation (USA) a Certified Positive Discipline Classroom Educator for Positive Discipline Association (USA)

At present, she also delivers courses for Asociación Educar de Neurociencias (Argentina)
She designs Courses, Webinars, Workshops and E-books for Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary and High school classes and delivers Professional Development Presentations nationwide and abroad on Social Emotional Learning, Conflict Resolution, Classroom Management and teaching EFL/ESL effectively.

Grace is a Life long Learner

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