For Kindergarten, Preschool & Early Primary grades

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“Teaching English to Very Young Learners”

Use your hands to make the most practical and creative resources to teach English at the Kindergarten and Early Primary Grades at School. A rich e-book full of ideas to teach through songs, games, flashcards, posters, stories & much more. Your English class will never be the same.

TARGET: Very Young Learners

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“Ready, Steady, Play”

Fun and creative ways to teach English to Very Young Learners. Articulate Play & Games with Language Teaching. A complete guide to learn different types of games: for circle time, outside games, inside games, card games, board games and much more. 

TARGET: Very Young Learners

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“Story Time”

Effective techniques to enrich your Story Time with little kids. Keep their attention and help them to acquire the new English with creativity and fun stories. Learn strategies and routines to enhance your story time. 

TARGET: Very Young Learners

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“Song, Rhymes, Chants & Finger Plays for Young Kids”

Make the English class easier to learn and remember. A complete guide that will teach you nursery rhymes, chants, poem activities and song games to have fun with little kids!

TARGET: Very Young Learners

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“Tips to use Puppets, Masks & Realia effectively with children”

Bring meaningful context to your English class. In this e-book you will find useful tips to make all kind of puppets and how to use them in your stories. How to work with Masks, Headbands and Realia in your daily lessons.

TARGET: Very Young Learners

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“Implementing Learning Centers”

A complete that will help you to run and  set up your Learning Centers. Acquire new skills to work at your Literacy Center, Writing Center, Math Center, Dramatic Play Center, Science Center, Block Center & Computer Center.

TARGET: Very Young Learners

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“Teaching peacemaking skills and resolving conflicts with a constructive approach"

A guide that will help you nurturing peaceful environment in your class, working with Social Emotional Learning while developing the sense of belonging, caring & respect. 

TARGET: Very Young Learners

Early Teens at Primary, Adolescents at Highschool & Adults

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“Creativity & Motivation at School...is it even possible?”

Ideas for Non- Formal and Creative Learning Experiences. Using stories and non-fiction texts, linguistic and cooperative games, songs and graffiti, lateral thinking and brain teasers, proverbs and famous sayings, movies, advertising images, technology and much more!

TARGET: Primary & High school

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“Creative Story-based activities for effective"

Reading, Speaking & Writing”

 This e- book will help you apply creative strategies for building comprehension, vocabulary development, and writing improvement while engaging your preteens and teens!

TARGET: Primary & High school

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“Why play games in class?”

This guide will teach you a variety of Linguistic and Communicative Games to increase interaction and language knowledge among your students. It provides lots of practical  activities to motivate your preteens and adolescents while practicing the language.

TARGET: Primary & High school

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